Three Issues or My Magazine Universe

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Some people spend money on clothes, others on meals out. I spend money on magazines. From Private Eye and Elle to Mushpit and The Gourmand, if a magazine grabs my attention, I grab it. Inspired by Magculture's 'Issues' column — in which they ask editors, illustrators and magazine mavens about their favorite issues — here are my three standout titles: a new one, an old one and a particularly brilliant detail from one. What magazines grab you?

new:  dodo magazine #3

Dodo #3
Dodo #3 Inside

The bright colors, fun graphics and amusing stories seduced me from the shelf at Magculture. It calls itself a personal tree house and even a quick flick through the chunky, stapled pages provides ample amusement. My childish sense of humor relishes the photos of empty log flumes and adventure stories. 

old: monocle arctic issue 68

Monocle November 2013
Monocle November 2013, inside

I hoard Monocle back issues, but I’ve debated cryovacing the November 2013 issue on the far north. The stories on Svalbard and the Arctic Congress remain fascinating and the photos immersive. Bonus? The bookish design and high quality paper makes for easy storage.

detail: footnotes in the happy reader

The Happy Reader #6
The Happy Reader #6 inside

Until I read The Happy Reader, I didn’t know I craved magazines with footnotes. Sometimes informative, sometimes funny, always useful the occasional additional bits of information embellish the esoteric knowledge of their fantastic interviewees.