A photo journal of dining in Central and Eastern Europe

Sauerkraut soup, potato dumplings
Sauerkraut soup with sauage and potato dumplings

Two weeks of dining in Central and Eastern Europe does weird things to a girl. You start eager to eat all the meat and potato dumplings. You think you have a never ending stomach for beer, good beer that is. And then you hit day four (oh, heck, day three). The curiosity begins. Having grown up in a culture where a standard meal plan calls for as many cuisines as there are days in the week, the variations that exist between central and eastern European countries, fascinating though they may be, fail to satiate the craving for diversity. Here's a photo journal of the typical, strange and delightful foods I encountered during two weeks traveling in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine. Hope you're hungry.

Budapest breakfast and croissant with espresso from Cafe Gerbeaud in Budapest, Hungary
Croissant - Moods Bakery
Multigrain croissant from Moods Bakery in Bratislava, Slovakia
Chimney Cake
Plain chimney cake in Prague, Czech Republic
Chocolate filled chimney cake
Chocolate filled chimney cake in Prague, Czech Republic
Beers from Kolkovna in Prague, Czech Repbulic
Grapefruit and Becherovka cocktail
Grapefruit and Becherovka cocktail from Kiev, Ukraine