Five Friday Reads 03.03.2017

  1. Mumblr Kit Kat Tumblr. Japan has over 300 flavors of Kit Kat. From Champagne to baked potato, this Australian is trying them all.
  2. Enthrophia. in Italian I recently discovered Italian fashion blogger Nunzia Cillo on Instagram and immediately loved her poetic, uplifting posts. Discussing topics ranging from foodwaste and travel to art and the nature of love, this is definitely not your average fashion blog.
  3. "How a Rogue McDonald's Franchisee Invented the Big Mac and Changed Fast Food Forever" from Adweek. The Big Mac has become an American icon since it was invented to give customers an alternative to the cheeseburger, but as health concerns regarding fast food grow, the question is if the double-stacked burger can remain relevant.
  4. "Mermaid Spa" from The New Yorker. How do you describe the food at a Ukrainian-Russian spa in Brooklyn? "Many tables stick with giant bottles of water and platters of fresh fruit. But you came for the food, so go for it."
  5. Greg Poegler on Welcome to Sweden, Dirty Lobsters and His Big Sister Amy" from Vulture. I came across a DVD of the TV show Welcome to Sweden at my local library and fell in love. It was cancelled after the second season, but you should still watch it.