Five Friday Reads 03.10.2017

Glen Falls Park
  1. "Russia’s RT Network: Is It More BBC or K.G.B.?" from The New York Times. Russia's state-run news service might resemble the BBC, but the organization's wide reaching influence and approach reveals it doesn't adopt the same non-partisan perspective.
  2. "Language learners can import and learn using content from the internet" from Springwise. Move over Rosetta Sone, LingQ is inventing a platform that lets language learners and speakers communicate in real time, digitally.
  3. "The Cloistered Books of Peru" from The American Scholar. While ebooks make reading on the go easier than ever, centuries ago transporting books was a struggle and reserved for sacred tomes.
  4. "The Dramatic Process of Writing Headlines at Man Repeller" from Man Repeller. Anyone who works in digital media knows that writing headlines is ridiculous and Man Repeller's tongue-in-cheek rendition of the process is more true to life than you might expect.
  5. "The World's Last Great Undiscovered Cuisine" from Saveur. Azerbaijan is more than just 2011's Eurovision surprise winner—it's a country filled with beguiling rice dishes, richly spiced stews and honey-soaked sweets.