Five Friday Reads 3.17.2017

National Gallery
  1. "Otherworldly Architecture in Japan's Magical Moutainside" from The New York Times. More than there simply stunning lines, these houses boast bare bones interiors that put the landscape on display.
  2. "Photographer Will Scott shoots Britain's endangered seaside shelters" from The Spaces. These dilapidated and unpopulated seaside shelters are haunting reminders that what society values is cyclical.
  3. "13 of Our Favorite Lucky Peach stories" from Eater. Following the news that quarterly food journal Lucky Peach will fold in May, Eater explores the off-beat, in-depth stories that characterized the magazine's 22 issue run.
  4. "Donald Trump is a Gift, and a Quandry for Late-Night Hosts" from New York. Cultural commentators have noted that Trump seems impervious to satire, but that hasn't prevented late-night shows such as SNL and Full-Frontal with Samantha Bee from lambasting the new-President in ways that, somehow, manage to make us laugh.
  5. Hanna Stefansson's blog. After New York got pummeled with another round of snow, I'm dreaming of sandals, shorts and dresses. In the meantime, I'm dressing vicariously through Hanna Stefansson's spot-on style blog—and pretending that scrolling through will help me learn Swedish!